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We are Federally Licensed Class 3 Firearms (NFA) dealers located in Ocala Florida. We specialize in conducting business by going that extra mile for customer satisfaction and have been proudly serving customers since the year 2000. We especially enjoy providing all the necessary "know how" for the first time gun purchaser. Whether you are a recreational shooter, hunter or just curious we are the guys to call for straight answers.
We have no problems with online correspondence, we actually enthuse it due to the ease of online shopping & browsing in addition to the typical wait periods associated with NFA purchases and transfers. Being online allows the customer to remain informed about their purchase without the in your face pressure of the typical salesman types.

How to Order

That’s easy and simple, just telling us what you’re looking for gets it started and then we get it for you. Most customers in today’s society already have a GOOD idea about the product they are looking for because they have searched the Internet or talked to others with the same product. Now the customer wants the best price. That’s where we come in. We don’t have any overhead so there is no additional out of pocket charge passed along to you the consumer.


New Gun Purchases: We charge only 15% over cost for whatever you purchase new from us. You tell us what you want & we get it! Transfers only: We charge $25 per transfer of a handgun or long gun. For class 3 transfers there is a $125 charge per NFA transfers other than suppressors. $175 for Suppressors transfers from other dealers. These prices include the paperwork & background check required. Florida Sales Tax is 7%

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"I have known and used Gordon and A&G Firearms for about 3 1/2 years now. Gordon has been informative, honest and efficient with all the NFA and non NFA guns he has transferred, bought or sold for me; this includes about 10 all together now. In fact, I have moved to another state now and he still keeps in contact and helps me with questions I have about Class 3 weapons I plan to buy or with Class 3 dealers I plan to use. You will be hard pressed to find another company or person in the "Class 3 World" who will give you this kind of personal, honest, and prompt service. I would highly recommend A&G Firearms to anyone interested in getting into Class 3 weapons for fun or investment potential; this goes for both newcomers and seasoned gun buyers as well."

"Being a relative newcomer to an owner of a class 3 firearm, I have found Gordon and A & G Firearms to be extremely helpful and honest. They not only want you to make a purchase that you will enjoy for years to come, but they take into consideration that you want to get the best bang for your buck. Never have I felt more comfortable and confident in the purchases I have made with A & G Firearms. I am glad that now their website can reach other firearm enthusiasts. Rest assured, Art and Gordon have your interest at heart."

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Email: or | Telephone: Gordon 352-572-0427 or Art 352-572-5507
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